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Dy. Director (Academics)

Mothers Touch School, Aligarh is synergistic mix of sports, music, dramatics, dance and computer with academic classes that complete the holistic growth of students & thus making the children physically fit, mentally alert, socially active, spiritually sound, emotionally stable supportive our mission and vision.


Our motto is to strive for excellence and its pursuance of this aim. We toil for the academic excellence to enable the students to achieve good results and be successful in their life.


We endeavour for holistic development from the tiny toddlers to seventeen years youth. The school cater to the needs of every child and care to be taken to bloom their talent through a number of extra co-curricular activities along with their personality development and consciences towards the human values.

Aims at :-
Our school reflects the image where teaching is not the only aim to furnish good results but where the students are:-

  • Trained in terms of their mental, physical and spiritual capacities.
  • Made to widen their approach towards any situation and the outlook as well.
  • Helped to inculcate the human and aesthetics values and thus building a strong character.
  • Helped to widen the mental horizon and thus introducing them as global citizens.
  • Made to serve educate the society and render the services free of cost.

“Dr. O.V. Singh” – Dy. Director (Academics)


Ramghat Road, Aligarh 202001, India, Uttar Pradesh


[email protected],
+91 90687 70516

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